Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

9. Why do I see many short downtimes?

If you see many short downtimes, it is likely caused by short-term network connectivity problems such as congestion, BGP routing failure, peering network failure etc.

These problems are quite common but usually go unnoticed by users due to their short duration. Depending on the quality of your network, the frequency of these problems will vary. We have customers who do not have a downtime in a year, while some others have short downtimes every few other days. All reporting are correct when we checked our system log.

To avoid receiving alerts for short-term connectivity problem, you can specify a threshold so that you only receive alerts if the duration of downtime exceeded the specified threshold. For example, if your monitoring interval is 5 min, you may specify to only receive alerts for downtime longer than 10 mins. This helps to cut down unnecessary alerts.

To set a notification threshold:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Contacts
  3. "Edit" the desired contact
  4. set to "notify after X consecutive errors"